Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Show House Freshly Painted

It may not look exciting but in person the room has a creamy glow. Thank goodness we were able to cover all that red and green.  The fireplace brick has been painted an espresso color. More to come after this weekend. We will be hanging the lighting, putting up the wallpaper, and laying the new tile in the bathroom. 

We actually were going to paint the trim whiter, but with the time constrictions we had to leave it darker. It was taking too many coats of paint. 

Doesn't it look so much better with the espresso color?

These lights are being changed.

Fresh and clean.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Renovations have begun at the New England Living Show House!

Work is underway on our bedroom and bathroom at the New England Living Show House at the Juniper Hill Inn in Windsor, VT. We have re-painted the walls in the bedroom and stripped the bathroom wallpaper. We will be posting some "work in progress" pictures soon, but in the meantime we thought we'd give you a look at what the rooms looked like before we got started.


The four-poster bed is going away. In its place will be a new upholstered headboard that we are creating with tufted buttons and decorative nailhead trim.  New bedding in soft, natural linens will complete the look.

 The fireplace will be painted, and a gorgeous linen chaise lounge will replace the existing wingback chair. 

In place of the desk, we are making a unique desktop using two reclaimed wood corbels with a custom glass top.   

The ceiling fan will be replaced with a beautiful iron and crystal chandelier. 

We can't change the layout of the tiny bathroom, but new wallpaper, fabrics, and accessories will make it feel brighter.

  New tile will replace the existing flooring in the bathroom.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Open House!

Tonight we are having an open house here at the store! 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM.  Come join us! In-store specials tonight only!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Magazine!

We are about to launch a new magazine for The Window Scene, full of ideas and inspiration.  It will feature cool new products, room ideas, window treatments, and much, much more.  Here is a shot of the cover. The full e-magazine will follow in the next week or so.
Spring Edition

Send us your feedback. We would love to hear what you think of our new idea!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

See What's New for Spring!

After going to the shows to see new faces and old, it's time again to see what or who we will add to our neverending list of vendors. It's such a hard choice. The showroom is small so we have to be choosey. I always think of my clients' wants and needs first. And of course the trends, too. I also want our store to be unique, so I'm always looking for things that not many people (around here at least) carry. I'm sick of the grayed-out spaces that they have sported at the shows the past few years. Sorry, Restoration Hardware, but while your looks are nice, the dead color palette is depressing. I'm ready to invite color back into our world! Here is a sneak peak of some of the vendors that made the cut this time around!


Gorgeous yellow with a lime green and mossy brown.

I went nuts over this one! The colors are vibrant and just beautiful!

Okay, okay -  it's gray, but it's too-cool design really hit me.

Check out the large scale botanical print.

This pillow is embroidered!

Great lavender color!

It's like a Monet.

LOVE this one. It's a mix of black, white,  navy and gray. What a great combination of colors.

Simple but romantic.

Very chic. Very French inspired!

Awesome green, black, and yellow combo.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Countdown to the New England Living Show House Renovation

Juniper Hill Inn
Well, it's almost time for the magic to begin. We are just about to start the renovation of Bedroom Suite #3 of the New England Living Show House at the Juniper Hill Inn in Windsor, VT. I have been hard at work on the design process. Design board has been submitted, product has been picked and ordered. It is Round 2 on some of the product because a lot of it is on backorder and won't make it in time for the show. I had to think quick on my feet and re-design some of the space from my original concept.  Next weekend we will begin our journey to the Juniper Hill Inn.

The first step will be re-painting the room and stripping the wallpaper in the bathroom. Right now the bedroom is a deep red with a tan trim, and the bathroom is a tiny cottage floral. Yikes! I am looking forward to toning it down to create a more serene space, a place where you can go and relax. Don't get me wrong -  I love red. But not for a place where I have to get some sleep, and especially not for a getaway that you want escape to so you can downshift a little and relax. So that is the first thing we will be covering up.  We will be changing the wallpaper in the bathroom and also the flooring. All the lighting is being changed as well. All the bed linens, headboard, and window treatments are my own designs and will be manufactured in our own workroom. I will also be refinishing some antique furnishings for the space. I hope you will join me on this amazing journey. I will be posting pictures of the room as it is now. I will also be showing you the progress up until the actual staging. The finished room will be revealed at the gala Memorial Day weekend. 

If you would like to attend the gala or see what great events are in store, go to  If you want to add a comment, you can leave it on the blog or if you have any question regarding the show house, email me at
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